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Piper Pawnee aircraft conversion for agricultural pilot training and utility flying.

Tandem seated two-place conversion of the Piper PA-25 "Pawnee"

1975 PA-25-235 D model Pawnee N75HM

An extremely clean and well maintained aircraft which has been on the flight line of a U.S. ag-pilot training school since its conversion in 1994. Aircraft is licensed in the Restricted category. 600 hr. S.M.O.H on engine and 2,900 hr. total airframe time. All flight controls are dual control. Hopper is aluminum with approx. 70 gal. capacity. Forward spar attachment inspection requirement permanently complied with. A fully functioning 300 MHz. offset Satlock guidance system is installed in the aircraft. This aircraft appears in a full-page photo in an article about ag pilots in the May, 2000 issue of Smithsonian Magazine. This is the only two-place Pawnee currently used in the U.S. for ag-pilot training purposes. Aircraft is immediately available. Fresh annual will be provided at time of purchase.

Price ready to go. $62,500.00

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235Dsml1.jpg 235Dsml2.jpg 235Dsml3.jpg 235Dsml4.jpg

"Piper Pawnee aircraft conversion for agricultural pilot training and utility flying."

One of the worlds few! The two seat Pawnee.

Piper Pawnee PA-25-150 N6095Z, Date of manufacture 12/8/59

N6095Z is unique in that it is one of only several dual-control tandem seated Pawnees (licensed in the restricted category) known to exist. This aircraft is one of three Pawnees that Ray Wessells and myself converted to a two place configuration in 1971. (Of the other two aircraft, one was lost in an accident in Africa and the other has been deregistered). The other flying tandem seated Pawnee is the result of a Canadian firm reverse engineering that conversion. This aircraft is currently being used as a primary flight trainer by an Illinois ag pilot training school.

The "Fledgling" two place conversion done on N6095Z made the aircraft ideal for ag pilot training. The conversion gives both occupants full control over all flight controls, individual wheel brakes for both cockpits, and a 70 gallon spray hopper. Upgrading the powerplant to 180 hp. provides more muscle while still keeping operating costs low. In addition to being useful for agricultural spraying and training, the aircraft is exceptional as an observation aircraft or banner and glider tow aircraft.

When the original conversion was completed in 1971, the aircraft was show quality and was used to demonstrate the conversion.

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Johnsml.jpg N6059Z- Flight training Locksml.jpg N6059Z- At Lock Haven, myself, left, Carl Heimer, director of ag aircraft sales, center, Ray Wessells, right. - 1971.
Worknsml.jpg N6059Z- In flight. Parksml.jpg Converted 235.
Opensml.jpg N6059Z- Opened up. Taxisml.jpg Converted 235.
Framesml.jpg N6059Z- Frame without fwd. canopy structure. Sidesml.jpg Converted 235.

The aircraft is currently available for sale as a project.

Price as a project - $14,000.00

Current status as of: 11/1/99
The aircraft is currently in a disassembled condition. Structural repairs to replace some damaged tubing that had resulted from a windstorm has been completed. Fuselage is ready to sandblast. Ultrasonic testing of the forward wing attach fittings (11/98) revealed acceptable thickness. The wings are covered (last recovery was 1983) and are in good condition. The fabric appears to be in good shape, leading edges are in good condition, although some tapes did not have good adhesion at at the time of cover and should be redone and there are assorted minor punctures which will require patching. All controls are covered and appear to be in good condition. Finish is CAB dope which also is in good condition. The aircraft is generally complete firewall aft, I have taken inventory and have noted only a few missing items. As the last use for the airplane was as a test bed for an automotive engine conversion, all components firewall forward (i.e. engine, cowling, accessories, prop.) with the exception of the engine mount are not included. Included is a full set of blueprints of the conversion.

If you have any questions, or are interested in the concept of a two place Pawnee, please feel free to contact me. I am interested in knowing the level of interest that currently exists for such a conversion.

For more details or questions please send an E-mail to; Herb Hoster, Thank you very much for your interest!

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