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There are reasons to be wary when purchasing items over the internet, however I'm not one of them. If I were out to falsely post an article for sale I surely wouldn't go through the effort to maintain the Internet's largest depository of aviation animations and make it vulnerable to problems by including links to that site from here. I've been here for awhile and don't plan on abandoning you. If I were dishonest I'm fairly certain my message board would be swamped with irate entries. Also, I'm never farther away than your E-mail, I check it daily. mail me right now if you have a concern. If you really need to talk with me, I'll call if you send me your number with permission to call collect.

I don't think $19.95 is very much for a woodworking plan, especially considering you're also purchasing the attention of the developer of the project. I spend a considerable amount of time helping people with questions they have while making spiral stairs, not that the plans are a problem, the questions usually concern substituting materials or dimensions. Following a step by step procedure, very few builders have had problems actually building a spiral staircase. At first the plans may seem complicated, but taken a step at a time there shouldn't be any problems, and again, I'm here to help.

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