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December 2004

When we finished building this houseboat with a friend of ours I built this spiral for its second floor. The diameter is just over 54".

Houseboat spiral staircase Houseboat spiral stair

Oak spiral Oak spiral stair Oak spiral staircase Oak spiral Oak spiral stair Carpet treads

All three of these spirals are about 48" in diameter, about the smallest I'd recommend.

Four foot spiral stair Four foot spiral staircase Spiral stair Spiral staircase Spiral stair handrail Small spiral stair

Here's a first for me, using turned balusters. I purchased them already turned from L. J. Smith stair company, and was very surprized at how much they cost each. This spiral is a little less than five feet in diameter.

Turned balusters Turned oak balusters Oak balusters Oak spiral stair Oak spiral staircase

This pickled oak staircase is just a little bigger than five feet in diameter.

60 inch spiral stair 60 inch spiral staircase Five foot spiral stair

This is the first spiral I built, it's been here in my home since 1984. Note this one is actually a stacked version as it goes from the basement, through the main floor, and terminates at the loft. Total height is a little over 17 feet.

Stacked spiral stairs Stacked spiral staircase

In this 66 inch stair the owner requested the carpet inlay which the plans show how to accomplish.

Fancy spiral Fancy spiral stair Fancy spiral staircase Spiral stair Spiral stair image Spiral staircase

This one is a 60 inch diameter staircase stained white (pickled). Note the handrail against the wall in the first image, it shows how it was laminated in the flat, then sprung into a helix during installation.

Spiral handrail Pickled spiral Pickled spiral stair Pickled spiral staircase Spiral handrail

Here's one I finished just before Christmas. Of particular interest here is the height, just over 14 feet. You can see that I made it turn more than 360 degrees, closer to a turn and a half actually. I've included several of the setup pictures to show how I go about it.

Tall spiral Tall spiral stair Tall spiral staircase Tall staircase Spiral Spiral stair Spiral staircase Oak staircase

This one was stained to match the floor and is right about a 60" diameter. It's also having the treads inlayed with carpet.

Helical stair Stained spiral Oak stained spiral Dark oak spiral Dark oak spiral stair

I built this one for such a confined space that I couldn't get pictures of the whole spiral. I didn't especially like the painted spacers but the owner knew what she wanted.

Small spiral Small spiral atair spiral staircase Stair treads

Here's a 72 inch diameter stair installed in mid March.
Dear Jim:
I returned home from Tennessee late Sunday night.  When Tom showed me the spiral stairs,
their beauty was beyond my highest expectations!  The natural beauty of the wood and the
design of the stairs combine to make the stairs a uniquely warm addition to the room.  I was
thrilled at how well the oak in the stairs matched the oak trim in the room.
It was amazing to me that you could measure the space, go home, and build such a beautiful
staircase that fits just perfectly.  I was so pleased with the staircase, and the nearly 
completed room, that at 4:00 AM on Monday morning, I got up and sat in the room and read 
for three hours. The room has a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere, and the staircase is a 
beautiful focal point.
Everyone who has seen the staircase is amazed at its beauty and perfect construction.  Thank
you so very much for building this beautiful staircase for us to enjoy in our home.
         With Sincere Thanks;
         Sandy Bradburn

Spiral stair setup Spiral staircase Spiral staircase Spiral stairs Spiral stair

I received the following email.

Dear Jim,

My name is Vicki Bonasse and I am in dire need of your help. I believe you talked with my husband several times as he was building our spiral staircase and purchased your plans. Last year he got the steps and spacers finished. Then we found out in the fall that he had pancreatic cancer. He passed away in February.

Our contractor told us in January that he would do the stairs for us. Well, last month I told him to bring the steps and everything back because I finally figured out he had no clue as to how to do it. He did cement a pole in place. Whether it's right or not I don't know. When he brought the steps back, he also brought another pole that he says goes over the one he cemented in. I don't know how he expects anyone to do that as there is a ceiling.

In 2008, Dale and I had found structural damage to our home and had to rebuild the front end of the house. He and the contractor talked me into the spiral staircase. Now I am stuck with that plan as there is nowhere else to put a regular staircase. I also cannot get the kitchen and downstairs finished because I need the staircase in first.

Please help me. Can you do this or can you recommend someone who can do this? I would appreciate an email back or a telephone call. I guess I really don't know what else to say other than I really need someone to get the stairs finished.

Sincerely, Vicki Bonasse

I did contact Vicki and we did finish her late husbands project. Her husband had used plywood for treads and laminated maple veneer on both sides and edges. He had also made wood tubes for spacers which I found to be amazing workmanship.

Plywood treads Plywood treads Poplar balusters Poplar balusters Spiral handrail Spiral rail

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