Spiral stairs, the most versital alternative in limited space.

Look here if your plans order isn't answered, I'll post the situation. Hotmail is especially bad with your email filters. If you can't allow emails from me, please don't order the plans.

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Spiral stairs, your best option!

Spiral staircase plans $19.95 / $24.95

Once a month or so someone writes me saying they didn't get their plans, what's the holdup, or something along those lines. Usually I send the plans within 24 hours. If you don't hear from me in that time, please check your email filters, then send me your phone number. I don't have any reason to hold things up. If you're running hotmail make sure I'm an allowed user and you expect email from me.

Contact me jim@jself.com,

OK, how much?

The price of these plans is $19.95, providing you can print the pages from your browser, view and print from adobe acrobat pdf files, or download a zip file. When you send me a personal check, money order, cash, or by PayPal as optioned below, I will E-mail you a special URL to a page where all the information is located. As an additional option, you'll also find a zip file there that contains all the text and graphics if you prefer to download files rather than printing them from your browser. I can also E-mail you the complete text and drawings if that would be your preference.

If neither of these options are suitable to you, I can mail you the printed plans for an additional $5.00, @ $24.95.

Be cautious when writing your E-mail address, quite often they don't work and I'll be sending you the URL through the regular mail, so please print carefully or sustain the longer wait. Also, E-mail is often bounced because people are running spam filters, or have friends lists that don't include me. If you're running something like this, don't expect to hear from me very quickly. If you haven't sent me your mailing address there may not even be a way of contacting you.

Jim Self
1940 Lakeshore Dr.
Fennville, MI 49408

I will help in any way I can if you have problems interpreting any portion of these spiral staircase plans. If you have any questions, contact me jim@jself.com, I usually read my E-mail at least twice a day. If you don't hear from me within 48 hours, please send me your phone number as there's probably something wrong with contacting your E-mail. If you're ordering printed plans, please include your E-mail address and I'll send you confirmation.

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Click this PayPal logo button to purchase the $19.95 browser printable or downloadable plans from this website. Please, when you're at the PayPal site, include your address in case your E-mail bounces, I don't have much recourse when that happens.
Click this PayPal logo button to purchase the mailed spiral stair plans for $24.95. Please include your full address, I'll be using it to send you the plans. If you include your E-mail address, I'll also send you the special URL through an E-mail as a reply to your order.

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