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Two spirals in a pair of domes.

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I was contracted to assemble a pair of domes and built a pair of spiral stairs for their interiors. The lower floor walls without windows were eventually backfilled close to the main floor heights.
As you can see they were a fairly large project as they had an addition between them. The domes themselves were 32 feet in diameter each.
Overall the building was 103 feet long including the screened in porch not pictured here. One dome sat on 48 inch stud walls, the other 36".
The first of the spirals was a 48 inch diameter that was located in one of the main floor bedrooms.
There were several wood types throughout the home.
Both of the spirals were built using clear southern yellow pine, a good choice in this application.
The railings around the stair floor holes was eventually built using a black painted steel mesh. I couldn't find a clear yellow pine veneer for the center pole spacers so I chose to use ash instead.
The second dome was to have a 72" diameter spiral inserted in the living room.
Once the main balusters were installed I was able to go up and down easier for installing the intermediate balusters.
It's still a good idea to walk closer to the center pole rather than the tread ends until the handrail is finally installed. The railing adds a great amount of stiffness to the whole staircase.
The stair is finally assembled but still awaiting it's steel railings along the loft edges.
I always like the looks from these odd angles.
The square post holding up the loft corner was eventually replaced with a veenered pipe.
Once we had the spirals installed the domes were ready to begin using.
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