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I'm sorry, but I don't know any more about these spiral stairs than I've posted here.

Tree spiral staircase This very interesting spiral was built around a tree.
Sliding spiral stair This one looks to be a lot of fun.
Glass spiral staircase I would think this one would take a little getting used to.
Small spiral stair I kind of felt sorry for this man.
Loretto spiral stair There is much information available on this spiral if you do a search for Loretto Spiral. You'll find a lot of contradictory information for it too.
Stair turning I like this one as it combines some elements from a straight stair and a spiral.
Very high spiral staircase This one is close to 60 feet high and changes diameter as it goes up. The basement flight, not shown here, begins with an 8 foot diameter.
Cat spiral stair Cat spiral staircase Here's a couple of pictures of what these look like in smaller sizes. This size is a third scale, about a 20" diameter, suitable for cats and other small climbers.
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