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Bury power lines, not pilots!

Very rare aircraft for sale,
a 2 seat Pawnee..

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Would you like to send an aviation postcard?
Paul Wink hosts a site where you can send an aviation animation accompanied with your text.
Don't miss this!

Lady Di of "Chateau De Cartes" also sent this surprising program you can actually play with. This will open a file that allows you to fly through the red mountains of mars. I don't have any idea how this thing works, it starts as a small (25.6 kb) .doc file. When presented an option, use Open file, no need to use Save.

Are you, or your children between the ages of 8 and 17? If so, here is an opportunity presented by the Experimental Aircraft Association to go on a FREE discovery flight aboard an airplane in your vicinity. We're trying to give 1,000.000 rides before the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers first flights of 1903.

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